50mm connection: a “smart" way of building heating systems!

​Modification of any domestic water heating system always impliessubstantial masonry work.The drawn out time schedule and high cost of the work usuallymean that any modifications tend to be postponed until the buildingundergoes complete restructuring.The clichè whereby “the heating system is created when the houseis built and thereafter does not need further modification” neednot apply if the system is built according to modern concepts anddesigned with possible future modifications in mind.With this aim in mind, technology is continually evolving to createproducts for systems that are simple to build and easy to modify.Radiators with a central water connection featuring afixed 50 mm distance between centres, fit the modern concept ofsystem construction perfectly.On these types of radiator, the position of the water inlet and outletpipes is independent of the radiator dimensions and is always thesame for every height and every width of the various models.Therefore, a bathroom requires a single masonry job to positionthe two water pipes in just one point, maintaining them at a distanceof 50 mm. Any radiator can then be connected to the waterconnection you have created.There is no need to delay construction of the system while youare deciding on the dimensions of the radiator. Once a radiator isinstalled, it can be replaced by another with different dimensionswithout having to change the position of the pipes coming out ofthe walls. The central water connection (featuring a 50 mm distancebetween centres) leaves the two traditional connection holesat either end of the bottom manifolds completely free. It is veryeasy to insert a heater through these holes at any time so that theradiator can function as a towel warmer when the heating systemboiler is switched IrsapOfficial