In today's meeting, the CEO of Irsap announces the launch of the Environment Project as a relaunch of a global and futuristic vision of the brand:

"We are going through the most difficult phase of this terrible pandemic. We have to work and live every day hoping to build a better world. To do this, it is necessary to have sustainable choices for the environment as a" beacon ". And everyone's contribution ...
June 5 and the World Environment Day; we thought of planting a tree for each of our collaborators. It is they who have helped us every day to overcome the most difficult moments, it is they who give us the hope of a New Beginning.
For this we will plant 1041 trees, to thank them and to make a small contribution to the improvement of our climate."

Irsap for the environment

Photovoltaic production
Actual Power
0,00 kW
Produced power
8.599.128,26 kWh
CO2 emission
3.491,25 t