Polygon wins the AUNA Awards 2021

AUNA Distribución awarded IRSAP's innovative Polygon radiator as best design in the 6th edition of the AUNA 2021 Awards.

Polygon revolutionizes the world of heating by integrating a fully customizable WiFi electronic control system. An innovative technology compatible with the voice assistants Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit that allows you to manage the different rooms of the house independently and remotely.

Available in vertical and horizontal formats, in more than 200 color finishes.

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LINK: https://premios.aunadistribucion.com/polygon-electrico-p-32-6

Irsap for the environment

Photovoltaic production
Actual Power
105,10 kW
Produced power until last month
13.223.894,00 kWh
CO2 emission
5.368,90 t