Installing a thermostatic head is a very simple operation, there is no difficulty and can be done by anyone, just follow a few main steps.

The first thing to do is to proceed with the disassembly with bare hands of the old manual valve, which will then be replaced with the new thermostatic head.

Done this with a 26" wrench unscrew counterclockwise where there are the veins without ruining the thread.

Once the nut has been removed you will be able to see whether the valve is manual or thermostatic. If there is a piston that can be pushed in, the valve is thermostatic.

Otherwise (there is no piston) the valve is manual. To replace the valve cover it is necessary to consult a hydraulic professional.

Take the thermostatic head, place it on point 5 and insert it with the 5 at the top. Tighten the rear ring nut until it is fixed.

Now you can adjust the desired temperature in the room.


Watch the video on how you can install a thermostatic head on your Irsap radiator