Dedalo, Hight 1600 mm, Lenght 660 mm, Matt Blue Dove - RAL 5014


Synthesis design was born in Torino in 1988 with Carlo and Giorgio Gaino as its founding partners. The studio has been working for years in the automotive, nautical and product design sector, and has worked with companies like Fiat Auto, Maserati, De Tomaso, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Nissan, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Matra in car design, designing (among others) the Maserati Barchetta, the De Tomaso Guarà and the Lancia ECV II. In product design, Synthesis has worked with Jacuzzi, Segafredo, Manconi, Video System and La San Marco. Close cooperation with the company has led to the development of unprecedented technological systems that harmonize the insertion of radiators in the room while simplifying installation at the same tine. The approach to design at the heart of the projects developed for Irsap: EVO, DEDALO, TRATTO, SAX and NET is a combination of creativity, experimentation with materials and a careful study of form and perception. Strong personality speaks to the senses with plays of light and shimmering finishes that also stimulate the sensation of touch in décor objects that complete interiors with a theatrical ambience in which the technical article and the technological system become protagonists in interior design.

Synthesis Design

Lines that chase each other forming a geometric sign of high personality. Precisely worked steel characterizes DEDALO with a defined personality. The LED light (in the model with light) creeps into the spaces, forming plays of light and shadow. It is supplied with the innovative concealed hydraulic connection system installed directly in the company. Available in two models, DEDALO P and DEDALO L, with two thermal powers.

Construction features

radiating panel

1/2” Gas right threading

maximum working pressure 4 bar

maximum working temperature 95°C


The hidden light source creates an mass of light and shadow that perceptively detaches the radiator from the wall to make it appear suspended while also facilitating the insertion of the towels: the object form is intrinsic to its function without conditioning it – the potential for use is enclosed in its formal abundance.


The plane decomposes in classic proportions and creates wings of growing size rendered precious by the slices of light the planes form inside. Light strikes the differently surfaces differently to alter perception.

Colors and Finishes
Attention: the colors displayed are indicative and could not be as real radiators.
Model Deph  (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Conn. C. (mm) Weigth (kg) Capacity (lt) Δt=50°C (btu/h) Δt=50°C (kcal/h) Δt=50°C (Watt) Δt=40°C (Watt) Δt=30°C (Watt) Δt=20°C (Watt) Exponent
Dedalo 90,0 900 498 50 18,00 0,70 846,0213,0248,0182,0122,070,01,386
Dedalo with led 90,0 900 498 50 18,00 0,70 846,0213,0248,0182,0122,070,01,386
Dedalo 90,0 1600 660 50 23,20 1,40 2.269,0563,0665,0509,0361,0223,01,194
Dedalo with led 90,0 1600 660 50 23,20 1,40 2.269,0563,0665,0509,0361,0223,01,194

Thanks to the high performance of Irsap DEDALO radiators, the ideal Δt for low temperature projects is Δt at 30°C.

For Δt different from 50°C use the formula Q=Qn (Δt / 50)n


Standard equipment

• innovative water connection system installed on the product complete with fittings for connection to copper pipes (12, 14 and 15 mm diameter) and multilayer pipes (14 x 2 thick and 16 x 2 thick) • wall fixing system built into the product column • LED lighting system optional • air vent


Installation Manuals


Installation Manuals


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