Get Up Air Mix

Get Up Air Mix, Hight 1499 mm, Lenght 550 mm, with air diffuser, Matt Light Grey

Get Up Air Mix radiator thanks to its constructional features, it can be used as a clothes horse, thanks to the patented double pivot, allows the 90° opening of some heating parts, combining in this way functionality and practicality (or even more enhancing the functionality and practicality).

Construction features

steel towel warmer

23 mm diameter horizontal round bar heating elements

30 mm diameter round lateral manifolds

threading at the ends of the manifolds right Gas 1/2”

maximum working pressure 4 bar

maximum working temperature 95°C

maximum capacity of the towel rails: 7 kg

Colors and Finishes
Attention: the colors displayed are indicative and could not be as real radiators.
Model Deph  (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Conn. C. (mm) Weigth (kg) Capacity (lt) Δt=50°C (btu/h) Δt=50°C (kcal/h) Δt=50°C (Watt) Δt=40°C (Watt) Δt=30°C (Watt) Δt=20°C (Watt) Exponent Electric Power with Booster (Watt)
1076 20 rails 1 espace 122,0 1124 550 500 17,20 6,90 2.132,0538,0625,0473,0330,0199,01,251 1000
1499 25 rails 2 espaces 122,0 1547 550 500 22,10 9,20 2.644,0666,0775,0583,0403,0240,01,278 1000


Standard equipment

• 3 wall fixings • 1 venting valve of 1/8” for radiators model M (height 1076 mm); 1 venting valve of 1/8” and 1 venting valve of 1/2" for radiators model L (height 1499 mm)

Color chart 2021



Dimensional drawings


Irsap for the environment

Photovoltaic production
Actual Power
0,00 kW
Produced power until last month
13.223.894,00 kWh
CO2 emission
5.368,90 t