Orimono, Vertical, Hight 1400 mm, Lenght 1400 mm, Avio


Marco Taietta was born in Verona (Italy) in 1979. He graduated at the Venice University of Industrial Design in 2004. Before graduating, as an assistant / trainee, he had been undertaking several working experiences; to mention one, the most important was with a famous Spanish architect, Patricia Urquiola, in 2002. In the meanwhile he took part in some national ambitious design projects (a lamp for Foscarini) as well as an European – wide known one (project and development of a showroom in Madrid). In 2003 he joined the Palomba & Serafini Associates design firm, where he broadened his knowledge of interior design, exhibit design as well as product design, managing several design projects for some Italian Companies such as Crassevig, Iris ceramics, Schiffini, Tubes heating radiators, Zanotta e Zucchetti faucet equipments.

Marco Taietta

IN JAPANESE: WEFT, WARP, FABRIC This is the particular characteristic of the product: traditionally,radiators are incongruously made of cold materialssuch as stainless steel, aluminium and, in the past, cast iron. With this project I have tried to give the radiator a more materiai and friendly touch, adopting a contemporarytextile, a rounded geometry with an appreciable diameter of 1400 mm, completely made of aluminium and clothed with Kvadrat fabric from the Remix 2 collection. A yarn made of 90% natural wool with only 10% nylon. Radiator presented in discreetand timeless colours such as: sage, brick and saffron coupled with a white frame. More desaturated tones are air-force blue and ash with an anthracite frame. The concept follows the evolution of textiles which is transferred from furnishing to building and to fixed elements in the domestic space and elsewhere. ORIMONO is available in a hydrauilc and an electric version.

Construction features

radiating plate

1/2” Gas right threading

maximum working pressure 4 bar

maximum working temperature 95°C

radiator with fabric finishes

Colors and Finishes
5 Available Colours
Model Deph  (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Conn. C. (mm) Weigth (kg) Capacity (lt) Δt=50°C (btu/h) Δt=50°C (kcal/h) Δt=50°C (Watt) Δt=40°C (Watt) Δt=30°C (Watt) Δt=20°C (Watt) Exponent
Orimono 101,5 1402 1402 50 49,00 1,70 2.365,0596,0693,0530,0375,0231,01,200

(*) Thanks to the high performance of Irsap Orimono radiators, the ideal Δt for low temperature projects is Δt at 30°C.

For Δt different from 50°C use the formula: Q=Qn (∆t / 50)n


Standard equipment

• water connection system installed on the product complete with fittings for connection to copper pipes (12, 14 and 15 mm diameter) and multilayer pipes (14 x 2 thick and 16 x 2 thick) • system for fixing to the wall incorporated in the product • air vent

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Color chart 2019



Dimensional drawings

Irsap for the environment

Photovoltaic production
Actual Power
703,00 kW
Produced power
8.599.128,26 kWh
CO2 emission
3.491,25 t