23 maj 2022
| EVENTS | On May 20th the new edition of "Novelty Fair" of our distributor Petrokov was held in Zagreb. This fair is proposed again as a moment of recovery after the interruption due to this pandemic period. In the photos some moments of the event. #fair #noveltyfair #zagabria #zagreb #elegante #mo...
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13 maj 2022
Today we had a visit from colleagues from the German branch BEMM. The update meetings took place in the functional area of the offices and then continued with a visit to the factories and the showroom. #irsap #italia #bemm #italy #germania #germany (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-784 .ite...
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09 maj 2022
Today we had a group of designers from our Georgian client MOSAICS visiting us. The visit took place in our factories, the museum and multifunctional area and our showroom. #irsap #italia #georgia #italy (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-783 .items'); var currentSlide = 0; var totalSlide =...
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Architect meets innovations

05 maj 2022
We look forward to welcoming you to Architect @ work in Lyon, a tailor-made traveling fair for architects, interior designers and other professionals in the sector. It will be a wonderful opportunity to return to show you our world of design and innovation live. You can download your free admission...
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New Petrokov Showroom

11 kwiecień 2022
| EVENTS | On April 7th in Split the inauguration of a new Showroom of our distributor Petrokov took place. In the photos the moments of the inauguration. #showroom #inauguration #split#elegant #modern #design (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-781 .items'); var currentSlide = 0; var totalSl...
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10 marzec 2022
Today a group of customers of our Estonian distributor SKS came to visit our factories, museum and multifunctional area. The visit will continue in the wonderful city of Venice. #irsap #italia #estonia #italy #venezia #venice (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-767 .items'); var currentSlide...
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90 years for the founder of IRSAP

11 luty 2022
The great entrepreneurs can be seen from what they have been able to build: work, well-being and humanity. Today Orazio Rossi, founder of IRSAP, celebrates 90 years! He led one of the most important companies in the Polesano area and contributed to writing the history of IRSAP day after day, helping...
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Polygon multiple award winning

11 styczeń 2022
Also in 2021 the all-Italian excellence of Irsap was recognized internationally. Polygon, the most advanced electric radiator ever, has been awarded multiple awards for its unsurpassed technological qualities and for the concept resulting from the talent of the best emerging designers. A winning tea...
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17 grudzień 2021
Over the past few days, IRSAP has brought together its sales force, which has always been the cornerstone of sales network management. This meeting was an opportunity to demonstrate the Group's proximity and to thank all the agents for their daily commitment to building IRSAP's future. Recent develo...
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03 grudzień 2021
A large number of visitors attended the IRSAP Open Factory on Sunday 28 November. The doors of the factory were opened, in complete safety, to make people understand the social, even before the economic, importance of doing business. This 'opening' is a fundamental gesture to convey the importance t...
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