Millions of people are now locked in their homes. Never as in these days the house represents our safety and our warmth. Irsap warms this moment and is close to every family, guaranteeing their well-being.
For this reason we have decided, in compliance with the Ministerial provisions, to keep our production plants operational by reorganizing the production chain with strict rules and health controls to protect our collaborators.

Because the safety and health of our employees is our priority.

#andratuttobene #everythingwillbefine #coronavirus #covid19

Irsap dla środowiska

Produkcja fotowoltaiczna
Rzeczywista moc
0,00 kW
Wytwarzana moc do zeszłego miesiąca
13.223.894,00 kWh
Redukcję emisji CO2
5.368,90 t