Welfare is good for businesses

For the 2022 edition of Welfare Index PMI, IRSAP obtained the maximum rating of Welfare Champion, ranking among the top 100 out of a total of 6,500 participating companies.

"Welfare Index PMI - Survey on corporate welfare" is a Generali Italia project promoted by Confindustria with the aim of promoting the culture of corporate welfare in Italy.

In the questionnaire, compiled with data from IRSAP Italia, and in the subsequent in-depth interview, Irsap described how welfare is considered the perfect ally to increase the well-being of each employee. In addition to the disbursement of a higher amount than that prescribed by the national contract, IRSAP has outlined all the initiatives related to this issue: the use of the platform for the provision of the service, the use of the category health fund, the of flu vaccination, the establishment of the IRSAP FOUNDATION and the help given to the communities surrounding the company. Last but not least, she focused on the importance of growth and learning for future generations, speaking of the contribution to study initiative, the Future Leader Program and the constant collaboration with schools and universities.

On Tuesday 6 December, the presentation of the Welfare Index PMI 2022 report was held in Rome at the Palazzo della Cancelleria: "Corporate welfare: a social pact for the country" and the award ceremony for the Welfare Champion companies. The award was collected by the CEO Fabrizio Rossi.


Video of the award ceremony https://youtu.be/5MN_v1ny5lY?t=6679

Welfare Index 2022 report https://www.welfareindexpmi.it/


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