At the end of March we are among the most difficult ever experienced in all Italian production and distribution sectors.

And never as today, it is essential that the entire supply chain, in each channel, respect the commitments made without hiding behind the alibi of the current emergency, to participate in the revitalization of our economy.

While understanding the difficulties that the various blocks are facing, each company is required to do its part to ensure that the balance is already in serious trouble.

Irsap, strong in its ethical, social and economic responsibility, confirms its commitment to respect all the payment deadlines of its suppliers.

If you too feel the need to do something for your country, then pay your suppliers, only with courage and honesty towards each other can we get out of this depression.

If you also think it is important, join this initiative and share these considerations with other entrepreneurs, demonstrating to Europe and the world what Italian entrepreneurs are made of!

Even in the COVID-19 crisis, #Ipaythesuppliers

IRSAP para el medio ambiente

La producción fotovoltaica
Potencia actual
413,40 kW
Energía producida hasta el mes pasado
13.223.894,00 kWh
Emisiones CO2
5.368,90 t