Pretty Run 2019

17 Junio 2019
| EVENTS | It 'was a beautiful pink party! Over 1200 runners along the streets of the center of Rovigo for the fourth edition of Pretty Run, in favor of Lilt. Here are some photos and video of the start! #pretty #run #prettyrun #lilt #pink #pinkrun LINK AL VIDEO (function($) { var $carousel = $('#ga...
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VMC last summer session

12 Junio 2019
| TRAINING | Yesterday, a group of designers from various regions of Italy, were lucky enough to attend the course on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation, held by two authoritative speakers: Michele Vio, freelancer, lecturer, IRSAP consultant, AICARR past president and Carlo Goldoni, Technical Sale in the...
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Open Yards Piacenza

03 Junio 2019
| EVENT | On May 17th the "open yards" event was held with the presentation of an Easy Clima adaptive climatic ventilation system. 15 engineers, surveyors and thermo-technical experts were able to directly experience the construction of an A4 class home with Easy Clima as an exclusive summer and win...
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Adaptive Climatic Ventilation Perugia architects

30 Mayo 2019
| TRAINING | The course on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation was held on Wednesday 29th. A group of architects from Perugia were able to learn the special implications of this technology directly from Carlo Goldoni, Technical Sale in the VMC area. In the Demo Lab it was possible to see a real applicatio...
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Experience Showroom

28 Mayo 2019
| TRAINING | The Irsap Experience training event took place today. Present our showroom operators from Sardinia, Campania, Liguria, Tuscany, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna who were able to live the multi-functional area. (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-384 .items'); var currentSli...
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27 Mayo 2019
| EVENTS | On June 5 and 6, ARCHITECT@WORK will take place in the Parc Chanot de Marseille. Meet our team at CORNER 69 and discover ORIMONO, our new design radiator already awarded with the IF Design Award 2019 (link: https://www.irsap.it/en/news/1308-if-design-award-19-gala-en ) and the German Desi...
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Zander Grouppe @ Irsap

24 Mayo 2019
| MEETING | Last Thursday a group of German customers BEMM from the Zander Group came to visit our factories. They then visited the museum and multifunctional area. #irsap #bemm #italia #germania #italy #germany
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Energy sustainability

22 Mayo 2019
| TRAINING | On May 22nd at Sirt in Turin there was talk of Energy Sustainability, a workshop dedicated to designers, architects, surveyors and engineers who want to learn about the most innovative techniques, the most significant case histories and the most important projects in this sector. Valsir...
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VMC Experience

14 Mayo 2019
| TRAINING | Today the course on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation was held, speaker Ing. Michele Vio, freelancer, professor, IRSAP consultant, AICARR past president. Architects and designers from all over Italy were able to visit the Demo Lab and the museum area before concentrating on the energy issue...
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VMC Campobasso

09 Mayo 2019
| TRAINING | Adaptive Climatic Ventilation in Campobasso. On Thursday 9 May the training meeting on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation was held in collaboration with C-LAB Ceramics and the Order of Engineers of Campobasso. Speaker eng. Michele Vio, freelancer, professor, IRSAP consultant, AICARR past pre...
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IRSAP para el medio ambiente

La producción fotovoltaica
Potencia actual
0,00 kW
Energía producida hasta el mes pasado
13.223.894,00 kWh
Emisiones CO2
5.368,90 t