11 Octombrie 2017
Last week, IRSAP joined in a training event at Termoidraulica Sironi. "Comfort and well-being in the bathroom environment" has generated training credits for participating architects. #training #comfort #bathroom (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-300 .items'); var currentSlide = 0; var tota...
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Meeting Basone

11 Octombrie 2017
On October 11, at our customer Basone SRL, a meeting was held with the participation of 45 installers. Our Area Manager Michelangelo Nasca has illustrated the range of Tesi radiators and the integration with the NOW thermostatic valve system. #tesi #now # heating #radiators #smartheating (function($...
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IRSAP @ Barcolana

09 Octombrie 2017
| EVENTS | IRSAP sponsors the boat coming second at 49 ^ Barcolana #Barcolana #Barcolana49 #video (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-299 .items'); var currentSlide = 0; var totalSlide = $carousel.find('.item').size(); $("#gallery-299 .items a").magnificPopup({ type: 'image', gallery: { enabl...
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27 Septembrie 2017
IRSAP and IED Roma together to innovate #design #innovation #now #neverendingprogress
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BEMM joins Irsap group

22 Septembrie 2017
Irsap Group, one of the greatest European leading company in the heating and conditioning sector continues its run of investments and acquisitions finalized to the growth of the firm and directed to actualize its presence in the international panorama. Indeed, for the historic company founded in 196...
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Contribution to the study 2017

19 Septembrie 2017
Last week was held the awarding of the school's excellencies of the year 2017. IRSAP supports the study, the effort and goodwill of our employees' children who have distinguished themselves during the school year. #comeonguys #study #school (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-284 .items'); va...
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18 Septembrie 2017
DJ ARCH NIGHT | 2017 On September 19th in Milan there will be Dj Arch Night! For one night DJs are the architects of over 40 Milanese studios, who will make their mix live live in 14 showroom design with professional DJs. IRSAP awaits you at H2Otto for a nice evening. Request the invitation now! htt...
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15 Septembrie 2017
| EVENTS | IRSAP is present at the fair "INDIZAJN - FESTIVAL MODERNOG DOMA" in Zagreb from 14 to 17 September with our distributor Petrokov. Come and visit us! http://www.indizajnsajam.hr/ (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-273 .items'); var currentSlide = 0; var totalSlide = $carousel.find(...
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TEDx Rovigo 2017

30 August 2017
| EVENTS | What would you do if you had more time? Time is how we decide to live it. TEDx Rovigo 2017 invites you to a world where every hour, every minute, every second acquires an unmatched value. IRSAP is the main sponsor of TEDx Rovigo 2017. Do not you know what TEDx is? http://tedxrovigo.it/ #T...
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UK Sales Force Meeting

20 Iulie 2017
"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people". Steve Jobs Special thanks and a warm "goodbye" to our colleagues from UK for these last two interesting days of work and sharing. See you soon!
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