Kind of blue

Firenze, ITALIA

Kind of blue
ARCHITECT Eutropia Architettura
STYLE Modern
PHOTOGRAPH @Lea Anouchinsky @jacopo carli

Like a jazz piece, this house was designed according to a clear rule: open spaces and lots of light. But even the strictest rule requires improvisation: the colour blue becomes the exception. Manifested in the fractured and decomposed geometries of ceramic coatings or measured in large homogeneous surfaces, the colour becomes the protagonist of the space, bringing freshness, dynamism, originality and joy to the house project. A house articulated on two levels, where all the spaces, even the smallest and seemingly most inconvenient, have been optimised and used to the full, using custom-made furniture and made-to-measure solutions to creatively solve what only seemed to be an apparent limitation.

These radiators were used for this project

Tesi 3 Arpa 12 Orizontal

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