Sanlorenzo SD112 Kathleen

Mar Mediterraneo, ITALIA

Sanlorenzo SD112 Kathleen
ARCHITECT ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
STYLE Nautical

STEP_E enhances the bathroom of Katleen SD112, the yacht designed as part of the Sanlorenzo project, the nautical debut of the Citterio-Viel studio. Always true to its stylistic code of timeless lines and beyond fashion, Sanlorenzo has collaborated for many years with the best brands in contemporary interior design, facilitating the entry on board of major companies and design names. On board the SD112 Kathleen, you can experience the atmosphere of great yachts and their refined style in a reinterpretation of their historical elements.

Today, the shipyard reaffirms the indissoluble link between home and yacht, between living and boating, and succeeds in blending the two worlds, creating elegant innovations appreciated by owners all over the world.

These radiators were used for this project

Step_E Electric

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