We consider sustainability
an ASSET that must be
part of the strategy and of
our daily commitment.

We are aware of the positive role we can have in correct use
of NATURAL RESOURCES creating a sustainable future for all
People who collaborate with us, for FUTURE GENERATIONS and
for Customers who trust us day after day.

A lot of work awaits us, to be seized as a good opportunity in the hope that it will have a positive impact on our business model and surrounding communities.

The contribution to Sustainable Development

it is the fruit of the work and collaboration of many people who work in our Group. The Sustainability Report is the document with which IRSAP reports its objectives, activities and results in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) areas, with a view to sharing and transparency towards all stakeholders such as collaborators, customers, suppliers and communities


Our environmental policy

The commitment and attention of EVERYONE are fundamental to effectively protect the environment around us.

Gender Equality Manifesto

We believe that gender equality is a fundamental value for the success of our Group and for building a fairer and more sustainable society.

The Gender Equality Manifesto is a concrete commitment to promote the equality and empowerment of all people within the Group. It aims to create an inclusive, respectful and non-discriminatory working environment.


Step By Step

Every day we strive to make our contribution to sustainable development issues. Some of our projects for the environment and people: the iGreen committee and the environmental business award, our ESG Rating, participation in the Welfare Index PMI

ISO 14001 certification

IRSAP has obtained ISO-14001 certification, the regulatory reference point for companies that implement an Environmental Management system. This recognition confirms our constant commitment to respecting the environment and the community in which we operate and to looking towards the future.

We do not consider it a goal but only the first stage of a sustainability journey that will take us far.

Ecovadis 2023 Bronze - Sustainability rating

IRSAP GROUP obtained Bronze medal Ecovadis certification

This international recognition places the group among the top 50% of companies assessed by the EcoVadis team of experts.

This achievement represents a tangible sign of the constant commitment to sustainable development and issues related to the environment, social and governance (ESG). The evaluation carried out by EcoVadis is based on various metrics; IRSAP achieved excellent results in the sections dedicated to the Environment, Work and Human Rights. It is precisely these areas that have played a fundamental role in achieving this very important goal.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action program for people and the planet which is developed into 17 Objectives (SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals) which are in turn divided into 169 sustainability targets.

The 17 Goals represent a set of key themes for sustainable development: the fight against poverty, the elimination of hunger, the fight against climate change, the creation of sustainable economic systems and many others.
The SDGs are "common" and concern all countries in the world and all individuals. No one must be excluded, no one must be left behind on the path to sustainability.
Among the 17 Objectives we have chosen to increase our commitment to improving, and in some cases consolidating, our position towards the following twelve: