You can contact the dealer from whom you purchased the radiator or, alternatively, our after-sales department.

Estimating the heating requirements of a room or building is a complicated calculation that must take into account many specific factors and must necessarily be done by a licensed technician. However, there is a calculator on the Irsap website that can provide an indicative estimate of the watts needed to heat the room.

Radiators tend not to require special cleaning processes. It is sufficient to dust them periodically with a slightly damp rag, preferably microfiber or a duster. There are specific dusters on the market, whose shape makes this operation much easier.

Most radiators are available in the full range of Irsap colors. However, some models may have limitations. To find out which color is available for your radiator within the product page on the website you can see the colors compatible with your radiator. Otherwise at our showrooms you will be able to see the "physical" color chart and see for yourself the rendering of each finish.

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