Not just a Showroom … but a 360° experience

A space where you can admire Irsap products, touch the finishes by hand, view the entire color range and view the vast choice of shapes that complete and enhance each individual model. Living this experience at 360° means discovering that IRSAP is able to offer the most suitable solutions to satisfy modern architectural and aesthetic needs.


"Immersive" virtual reality expertly mixes the interactive perception provided by new technologies with reality. IRSAP wants to offer this experience to all users of its SHOWROOM. We use this technology to offer a visit to our REAL headquarters in Arquà Polesine, allowing you to do it from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. You will be able to experience these environments, understand and interact with the spaces from a distance.

MULTIDEVICE Within everyone's reach

Wherever you are, at any time and with any device. You can visit our SHOWROOM using a computer, a virtual helmet, a tablet or a simple smartphone. Each device allows you to experience the visit with different degrees of immersion to transform a simple device into a real visit to our home. Inside the showroom you will find different environments, points of in-depth analysis, our history, the museum, the VMC technical area, the courses and conferences area. Come and visit us ... virtually.