IRSAP Group is one of the largest Italian groups and a leading player in the heating and air conditioning industry in Europe.

Our production sites are located in:

  • Arquà Polesine (Rovigo)
  • Cluj- Napoca (Romania)

Our European commercial branches:

  • France (Lyon)
  • Spain (Barcelona)
  • UK (East Grinstead )
  • Germany (Hildesheim)

The surface area of the production and commercial areas covers around 500,000 m2; more than a thousand employees of which more than 600 abroad. The group has always been committed to translating the rich heritage of knowledge into innovative products for the construction of air conditioning systems, establishing itself as one of the best known groups in the sector. Realizing the full economic and strategic value of the business units and brands built over the years, it has acquired a strong and recognizable image of technology, innovation and reliability.


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Via delle Industrie, 211 - 45031 Arquà Polesine (RO)
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C/. Leonardo da Vinci, 4 - 08850 Gavà (Barcelona)
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IR GROUP SARL unipersonnelle
19 Chemin de la plaine 69390 Vourles
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Str princip. 1/A 47336 Fondatura/Iclod Cluj
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Units 13-14 Charlwoods Road - East Grinstead - West Sussex - RH19 2HU - UK
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Gewerbegebiet Ost - Gutenbergstraße 30 - 38 - D-31180 Emmerke b. Hildesheim

IRSAP is the first company in Italy in the sector, certified by the Company Quality System, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

All IRSAP products are certified according to the legislation currently in force on the subject (EN 442) which obliges all manufacturers/retailers of heating elements to certify them with accredited bodies.

IRSAP, for the certification of heat yields and for the CE marking of its products, mainly relies on the support of the Milan Polytechnic. In addition to this test laboratory, IRSAP collaborates with CETIAT, a French laboratory, for the "NF" product certification and has also obtained the French "NF Electricite " voluntary certification for some specific products. For other products, Irsap has already obtained Croatian (ZIK) and Russian (GOST) voluntary certification.

IRSAP has been operating in the civil and residential air conditioning sector for over 50 years, creating systems for heating and Controlled Mechanical Ventilation.
The spirit that accompanies us has always been to create products and systems aimed at improving energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and the quality of life inside civilian homes. IRSAP products are designed and manufactured to always guarantee maximum efficiency with the use of the most modern renewable sources.
Irsap has decided to embark on a partnership process with the Casa Clima Agency of the Province of Bolzano.
Irsap , with the wide range of solutions dedicated to new buildings and renovations, from today makes use of the prestigious CasaClima brand and will be present in the list of producers suggested by the Agency.

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