Creating a unique and elegant atmosphere for your home is possible, starting with the choice of the most suitable radiator for your needs. The concept of the radiator has changed over time: from a simple radiator it has become a real piece of furniture that integrates into the space in which it is inserted, providing comfort and warmth.


The high performance of these radiators allows the operation of each range even with low temperature systems, guaranteeing considerable energy savings and a lower environmental impact.


The possibility of sizing the heating body offers modularity and installation flexibility, allowing you to make the most of the space inside each environment, with the choice of the number of elements that make up the radiator to adapt it to your needs.


Each room has different needs as regards the thermal power required to be heated and, to respond to this need, each range of radiators offers the possibility of installing a double-row version which guarantees double the KWatt in the same space as the classic single rank.


ELLIPSIS is the modern reinterpretation of the radiator, its aesthetically captivating shape is characterized by elliptical tube elements to integrate discreetly and elegantly into the space. Available in the vertical and horizontal versions (ELLIPSIS_V and ELLIPSIS_H) and in the double-level ELLIPSIS_V 2 Vertical and ELLIPSIS_H 2 Horizontal, its functionality and modularity allow you to heat with personality, making it the protagonist of the environment.


The rigorous profile and geometric lines of SAX give it a unique and contemporary design. Designed by Synthesis Design, the range is characterized by a great modularity of the elements that make up the heating body, 13 different sizes are offered (widths/heights), modular from 4 to 40 elements in an even number. Available in both layouts: SAX Vertical and SAX Horizontal and in the double-row version SAX 2 (Vertical and Horizontal), to also adapt to environments that require greater heat output.


PIANO is the perfect mix between elegance and linearity, the flat geometry of the tubes and the wide range of available dimensions allow great flexibility which makes it suitable for both small and large environments. It is available in 9 heights, from 4 to 30 elements in an even number, in the PIANO Vertical and PIANO Horizontal models. In the double-level version PIANO 2 (Vertical and Horizontal) is ideal for environments that require a higher heat output.


The aesthetics of ARPA give it a sober style that gives elegance to the environment, the versatility given by the possibility of sizing the radiator gives flexibility and compositional freedom. The range consists of different versions which differ in the diameter of the tubular element.

ARPA 12 Vertical and ARPA 12 Horizontal, with a diameter of 12 mm, furnish with refinement and represent a practical choice for every thermal power requirement thanks to the ARPA 12_2 double-rank version (Vertical and Horizontal).

ARPA 18 Vertical and ARPA 18 Horizzontal are perfect for any environment and are models with a diameter of 18 mm, also available in the ARPA 18_2 double-rank version (Vertical and Horizontal) to meet the different heating needs of the spaces in the house.

The musical form of ARPA 23 Vertical (diameter of 23 mm), modular in 14 heights and 19 widths (also available in double rank ARPA 23_2 Verticale and of ARPA 23 Horizontalemodular between 14 widths and 19 heights (also proposed in the ARPA 23_2 version Horizontal), gives these models functionality and style.


Each radiator is also available in the electric version, a concrete answer for those who want immediate heat, without costly masonry work and easy installation.

Irsap Smart


Compatibility with the innovative IRSAP NOW system allows intelligent and optimal management of the domestic climate, personalizing the temperature of each room and programming it remotely to obtain the desired comfort quickly and easily.