Funky_S Air Electric

FUNKY_S AIR Electric is an electric radiator with booster. The radiator is filled with a coolant and is combined with a 1000 watt electric power booster system. This system provides a uniform temperature in the room where it is installed. Available in 3 heights and a width of 600 mm.

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Funky s Air Elettrico, Hight 1445 mm, Lenght 600 mm, Electric, with air diffuser, Agave
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Configure your Funky_S Air Electric

Configure your Funky_S Air Electric

1170 22 rails 3 espaces
1455 27 rails 4 espaces
1842 36 rails 4 espaces


Electric power

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Construction features

  • electric steel towel warmer radiator
  • horizontal elements featuring with a 23 mm diameter
  • side round manifolds with a 30 mm diameter
  • the radiator is filled with a cooling liquid and is combined with a booster system of electric power of 1000 watts.
  • This blower system provides a uniform temperature as the room in which it is installed.
Funky_S Air Electric

Model Depth (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg) Electric Power (Watt) Electric Power with Booster (Watt)
1170 22 rails 3 espaces 122,0 1230 600 21,80 500 1000
1455 27 rails 4 espaces 122,0 1515 600 25,54 750 1000
1842 36 rails 4 espaces 122,0 1902 600 31,58 1000 1000

The radiator will be supplied with the resistance always mounted on the inner collector.

Standard equipment
  • 4 adjustable wall fixing brackets in the same color of the radiator
  • Wireless Remote control

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User manual

847M0418 847M0418

User manual

749M0423 749M0423

Installation Manual

1386M0123 1386M0123


1016M0123 1016M0123

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How to choose the Funky_S Air Electric radiator for your home? How to know what is the right power to heat each room? Online heat demand allows you to identify the most suitable radiator for your living space

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