Strict, rigid lines are almost the raison d’etre of a function that goes beyond …Emphatically square and modulated by a unit of measure that becomes proportion. Available in two models, QUADRAQUA S and QUADRAQUA L, with two thermal powers.

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Quadraqua, Hight 1828 mm, Lenght 300 mm, Standard White Quadraqua, Hight 1828 mm, Lenght 300 mm, Standard White, (detail) Quadraqua, Hight 1828 mm, Lenght 300 mm, Pearl White Quadraqua, Hight 1828 mm, Lenght 300 mm, Pearl White Quadraqua, Pearl White, (detail) Quadraqua, Hight 1828 mm, Lenght 300 mm, Pearl White
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Configure your Quadraqua

Configure your Quadraqua



Thermal power

Construction features

  • radiating panel
  • 1/2” Gas right threading
  • maximum working pressure 4 bar
  • maximum working temperature 95°C

Model Depth (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Conn. centre (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (lt) Exponent
QUADRAQUA S 300,0 1116 300 224 29,00 2,30 1.423,0 358,6 417,0 317,5 223,4 136,1 1,222
QUADRAQUA L 300,0 1828 300 224 44,30 3,50 2.238,0 564,2 656,0 497,4 348,1 210,6 1,240

Thanks to the high performance of Irsap QUADRAQUA radiators, the ideal Δt for low temperature projects is Δt at 30°C.

For Δt different from 50°C use the formula Q=Qn (∆t / 50)n

Standard equipment
  • angle pattern valve and lockshield valve assembly complete with copper fitting (12 and 14 mm diameter) multilayer (14 thick 2 and 16 thick 2)
  • kit of pipe covers (suitable for pipes up to 16 mm thick)
  • 4 wall fixing
  • air vent

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Technical document


Catalog 2023 Catalog 2023


Color chart Color chart

Installation Manual

443M0121 443M0121


1394M0323 1394M0323

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3D Model


The Designer

Domenico De Palo

Born in Italy in 1976, he lives and works at Corato (Bari). He began drawing interiors to wide acclaim at the tender age of 19. He now also directs his effort to the recovery of buildings of historical and artistic value. After years of working as an art director for various public and private installations, he began conducting his own research in industrial design, producing design projects and prototypes in collaboration with various national and international designers and design companies. He is frequently invited to cultural events and art and design shows. In 2009 in Milano he opened the doors to “La Casa di Dodò” – a fieldtrip through the beauty of the form in which substance is transformed into sensation, a meeting with the primordial elements of water, earth and fire. In 2006 he designed IMMAGINA for IRSAP, a radiator that is a sculpture on the wall and blends into the visual field as though camouflaging itself, thanks to the special wall finished paint. It changes from colour to light with a wide range of colour variations. His creative inspiration then produced QUADRAQUA, a radiator that goes beyond simple functional and decorative value. A real hybrid article, between furniture and radiator, with a most unusual innovative form that allows it to be used not only as a pure source of heat, but also as a towel warmer and a storage unit at the same time.

Domenico De Palo

Calculate the power

How to choose the Quadraqua radiator for your home? How to know what is the right power to heat each room? Online thermal requirement allows you to identify the most suitable radiator for your living space

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