Not just a museum ... but a place to convey emotions.


A selective exhibition of objects and images documenting important aspects of IRSAP's history. A place that represents the path of evolution, innovation and passion that leads the visitor to the heart of the company, its history and its values.



1962…“I have an idea” said the young man Zen as soon as he joined his friend Rossi in front of the stationery shop.
“an idea?” “yes, an idea. Why don’t we produce radiators?” “radiators? But I sell notebooks” explained Orazio.
“well then I’ll produce them and you’ll go to sell them” answered Livio.
The two kept silent, thinking of it. “where do we begin to produce radiators?” asked Orazio. “Ah, I don’t know anything about it” answered the other, and both of them burst out laughing. (from the company novel “four welded tubes”).


A path between creativity and entrepreneurship

Founded in 1963 by Orazio Rossi and Livio Zen, Irsap Spa rose rapidly to solid leadership in the production of steel tubular radiators, immediately adopting a revolutionary point of view in the heating sector: decorating with heat.
Capitalizing on the progress made in the working of steel, the study of refined design and the use of a wide range of color and finishes, since the early 80s Irsap has been introducing in the Italian market a truly innovative concept of radiator, not intended merely as a heating object but also as an element of design, enriching it with new shapes, colors, and functions, and bringing all this new meaning together in the brand name i termoarredatori ®.
More than just a registered trademark, these two words represent a service philosophy applied to the product. Using radiators through the choice of over 500,000 different combinations in terms of shape, size, and hue offered a new way to decorate interiors.
Today Irsap is the Ieader in Italy and one of the largest producers in Europe’s heating market. This solid leadership has been consolidated over the years by elevated quality standards, continuous innovation, excellent service, maximum reliability, and constant attention to the customer.


NOVO towel warmer radiator, prototype which was produced in 1982.
The colour is the original one.
It has been installed in the corridor of the old offices, and has worked very well until today.


The TESI multi-column radiator, which was produced in 1967,was installed in the old dressing- room of the machine shop.
The “hammered antique gold” varnishing is original.
A MONOFLUX valve is mounted, which we commercialized in the 70s. To the right the Multicolumn radiator in Gold finish.
Produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tesi and exhibited at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milan in 2018.


The first glittering welding-machine, entirely designed and built in Irsap in 1967, and which went into production. It worked until 1998, producing about 15,000,000 welded heads.
After this first welding-machine, 8 more were built and put in the production lines.
In 1998 all of them were replaced by subsequent manufacture glittering welding-machines, designed and built inside and which worked until 2008 when the new laser welding centres were installed.


Used in irsap’s production plants for handling, welding and grinding of radiators.
The ever-increasing use of these machines has allowed the improvement of productivity, quality and safety. The first robot was purchased in 1998.