Training in Rome

02 October 2019
The week of meetings dedicated to the training of professionals on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation at the Rome Showroom ended today, 2 October. Interesting insights on the theme of the redevelopment of buildings and the quality of air in domestic environments. #training #corso #istruzione #designer #v...
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Workshop Cuneo

27 September 2019
| TRAINING | On 18 October, a course on "Structures and systems - Design, spaces, solutions and finishes" will be held at the Showroom Idea di Idroterm (Cuneo). All the architects who intervene will earn 6 professional training credits. Info and subscriptions https://www.infoprogetto.it/2019/10/18/c...
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Cédéo Castres Meeting

26 September 2019
| MEETING | A group of French installers, accompanied by our dealer Cédéo Castres, came to visit our factories. They then visited our museum and multifunctional area, concluding the visit at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. #irsap #italia #francia #italy #france #ferrari #formula1 (function($) { var...
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Bathroom Environment

26 September 2019
| TRAINING | On 11 October, a course on "Bathroom Environment - Plant engineering, technologies and materials" will be held at the Sanitaria Lodigiana of Locate di Triulzi (MI). All the architects who intervene will earn 4 professional training credits. Info and subscriptions https://www.infoprogett...
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Training SAA

25 September 2019
| TRAINING | Last Monday the professional refresher course for our Authorized Assistance Services was held. The training focused on Controlled Mechanical Ventilation technologies. #training #formazione #vmc #now #ventilazione #regolazione #domotica #domotic #regulation #ventilation #heatrecovery (fu...
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16 September 2019
| EVENTS | Last weekend IRSAP participated in cvbexpo2019 of Commerciale Veneta Beltrame, in the splendid location of Villa Emo in Fanzolo di Vedelago, Treviso. #eventi #events #exposition #esposizione (function($) { var $carousel = $('#gallery-394 .items'); var currentSlide = 0; var totalSlide = $c...
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TEDx 2019

13 September 2019
| EVENTS | Also this year IRSAP is sponsor of TEDx Rovigo! Life is our true journey, and it is up to us to be the creators of the path! What is your vision of travel? Where are you going? What kind of passenger are you really? 21 September 2019 | Rovigo | ITALY #TEDx #TEDxROVIGO2019 #TEDxROVIGO #ted...
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Contribution to the study 2019

11 September 2019
Also this year the school excellence award for the year 2019 was held. IRSAP has always encouraged the study, commitment and good will of the children of our employees who have distinguished themselves during the past school year. #comeonguys #study #school
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06 September 2019
| EVENTS | DJ ARCH NIGHT 2019 | Parties at design showrooms with architects as DJs. Milan | 18 September h 8.00 PM On Wednesday 18th of September the annual event inviting the architects to become djs for one night is back in Milan with the VI Edition of DJ ARCH NIGHT, which this year has taken plac...
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Orimono RedDot Yearbook 2019/2020

04 September 2019
| AWARDS | It is a pleasure to come back from vacation and find on the desk the RedDot Yearbook with our Orimono, winner of RedDot Award 2019, together with the recent IF Design Award 2019 and German Design Award 2019. We are very proud of these goals that confirm IRSAP's solid presence in the desig...
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