Sequenze, Hight 1735 mm, Lenght 500 mm, Ivory - RAL 1013


A couple in both personal and professional life, Silvana Angeletti was born in Rieti in 1969. Daniele Ruzza was born in Rome in 1967. After graduating in industrial design, they began their partnership in February 1994 and opened their own design studio: angeletti ruzza design. They took part in numerous competitions, winning prizes and commendation. They live and work in Rieti and cooperate with numerous prestigious Italian companies. They have been collaborating with IRSAP since June 2006 and their research into proportion and linearity has led to three products that blend artistically into the home environment. SEQUENZE, a radiator that speaks a contemporary language, with a neat and simple form that fits natural into any architectural environment. Shape and function, calm and simplicity are the inspirational muse of the new It Is and M’ama thermo-artworks, made in 2017.

Angeletti & Ruzza

The cuts break the shape and make it functional for use but above all they accentuate the perceived value, making it three-dimensional and sculptural. The light and shadows reveal an intrinsic spirituality of the object. SEQUENZE is supplied with the innovative concealed hydraulic connection system installed directly in the company. Available in two models, SEQUENZE S and SEQUENZE L, with two thermal powers.

Construction features

radiating panel

1/2” Gas right threading

maximum working pressure 4 bar

maximum working temperature 95°C


Sequenze is a heating element that speaks contemporary language: clean, simple forms that blend into architecture with natural ease.

Colors and Finishes
Attention: the colors displayed are indicative and could not be as real radiators.
Model Deph  (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Conn. C. (mm) Weigth (kg) Capacity (lt) Δt=50°C (btu/h) Δt=50°C (kcal/h) Δt=50°C (Watt) Δt=40°C (Watt) Δt=30°C (Watt) Δt=20°C (Watt) Exponent
SEQUENZE S 90,0 845 500 50 16,20 0,80 1.317,0332,0386,0294,0206,0126,01,225
SEQUENZE L 90,0 1735 500 50 32,20 1,70 2.518,0635,0738,0560,0392,0238,01,236

Thanks to the high performance of Irsap SEQUENZE radiators, the ideal Δt for low temperature projects is Δt at 30°C.

For Δt different from 50°C use the formula Q=Qn (Δt / 50)n


Standard equipment

• innovative water connection system installed on the product complete with fittings for connection to copper pipes (12, 14 and 15 mm diameter) and multilayer pipes (14 x 2 thick and 16 x 2 thick) • wall fixing system built into the product column • air vent


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3D models


3D models

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Dimensional drawings