Face Zero_Air

IRSAP, with the FACE ZERO_AIR version, presents the line of flush-to-wall radiators. The heat becomes one with the wall, merging into a single plane. In this way, the study of the environment allows for creative and design freedom like never before. Wall or plasterboard recess for the FACE ZERO_AIR radiator is facilitated by the special and lightweight aluminum frame. The opening heating body, with magnetic closure and concealed connections, allows easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

The images on this page have the sole purpose of depicting the product. Finishes and models may not have a perfect match with the actual product.

Face Zero Air, Hight 1800 mm, Lenght 600 mm, Wall Finished Face Zero Air, Hight 1800 mm, Lenght 600 mm, Wall Finished, (detail) Face Zero Air, Hight 1800 mm, Lenght 600 mm, Pearl White, Face Zero Air, Hight 1600 mm, Lenght 600 mm, Sablé, Face Zero Air, Hight 1800 mm, Lenght 600 mm, Black Dots,
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Configure your Face Zero_Air

Configure your Face Zero_Air

FACE ZERO_Air 1600 x 500
FACE ZERO_Air 1600 x 600
FACE ZERO_Air 1800 x 500
FACE ZERO_Air 1800 x 600


Thermal power

Construction features

  • radiating panel
  • 1/2” Gas right threading
  • maximum working pressure 4 bar
  • maximum working temperature 95°C
  • radial fans with low fuel motors
Face Zero_Air

Model Depth (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Conn. centre (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (lt) Exponent
FACE ZERO_Air 1600 x 500 75,0 1597 500 50 31,90 1,20 2.559,0 645,0 750,0 568,7 398,1 240,8 1,240
FACE ZERO_Air 1600 x 600 75,0 1597 598 50 38,80 1,60 3.412,0 860,0 1.000,0 760,0 533,5 324,0 1,230
FACE ZERO_Air 1800 x 500 75,0 1797 500 50 36,70 1,40 3.207,0 808,4 940,0 712,8 498,9 301,8 1,240
FACE ZERO_Air 1800 x 600 75,0 1797 598 50 43,60 1,80 4.163,0 1.049,2 1.220,0 927,2 650,9 395,3 1,230

(*) Thanks to the high performance of Irsap FACE ZERO_AIR radiators, the ideal Δt for low temperature projects is Δt at 30°C.

For Δt different from 50°C use the formula: Q=Qn (∆t / 50)n

Standard equipment
  • 2 lockshield valves 1/2" M 1/2" F – FE connection
  • flexible pipes for ease of installation
  • wall fastening system
  • power supply unit
  • modulating thermostatic head

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Technical document


Catalog 2023 Catalog 2023


Color chart 2023 Color chart 2023

User manual

878M0318 878M0318


1394M0323 1394M0323

Type Description Document Downloads

3D Model

FACE_Zero_1600x500 FACE_Zero_1600x500

3D Model

FACE_Zero_1800x600 FACE_Zero_1800x600

The Designer

Antonio Citterio

When a successful company like Irsap discovers the stylistic synthesis of Antonio Citterio, the result in terms of both aesthetics and performance is impeccable. Our meeting led to the development of a line of authentic design heating elements that speaks the immediately recognizable language of a designer who symbolizes Made in Italy spirit and production. These are products that can be easily inserted in any surroundings thanks to the discretion adopted in their physical configuration. Every single detail has a simple story and a truth to tell: fashion trends come and go without a trace, true design, instead, leaves its mark. Design remains at the disposal of anyone who designs interiors and those who desire to fill these rooms and areas with their own desires and dreams.

Antonio Citterio

Calculate the power

How to choose the Face Zero_Air radiator for your home? How to know what is the right power to heat each room? Online thermal requirement allows you to identify the most suitable radiator for your living space

Awards and recognitions

Innovation capability, excellent engineering, synergy of ideas, and revolutionary design make our products the most advanced ever. The Italian excellence of IRSAP is constantly certified by numerous awards that confirm our leadership in the international panorama of design and advanced technological research

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