Grid Apartament


Grid Apartament
ARCHITECT Brain Factory - Architecture & Design
STYLE Modern

Have you ever woken up in a beautifully lit room warmed by an Irsap radiator? We present the solution of the architectural studio Brian Factory, which used TESI 2 in the renovation of an apartment in Rome. The renovation of this bright apartment in the Prati district is a perfect blend of client needs and design. Despite its 80 square metres, a large open-plan living area was created by minimising the sleeping and bathroom areas. The kitchen area is separated from the living room by a metal-grid glass wall, which has a distinctly industrial feel with galvanised iron profiles. The apartment has an all-white feel, combined with the warm tones of the oak parquet flooring. Other industrial design elements include the use of cement material on the bathroom walls in shades of grey, and the creation of the anthracite lacquered wooden bookcase in the living room, which is deliberately dark to visually expand the space. The headboard in the bedroom also plays on the grid theme, with dense parallel wooden profiles running along the wall and doubling up as shelves at different heights. The pure formal minimalism is underlined by TESI 2 in the background, full-height built-in wardrobes and very linear and austere technical lighting.

These radiators were used for this project

Tesi 2

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