ARCHITECT ELLE architetture | Luigi Longo architetto
STYLE Modern
PHOTOGRAPH Stefano Notargiacomo

CASA AT is a 50 square metre apartment located in the Centocelle district of Rome. It is a turnkey renovation project with a vintage flavour but a modern character.

The few demolitions carried out were aimed at freeing up space in the living area, creating an open-plan environment. Once the general layout and distribution of space had been rationalised, the materials, furnishings and accessories were carefully selected to perfectly match the desired atmosphere.

Colour is central: yellow on some walls, green in the kitchen and bedroom, and black as a connecting element. The kitchen panelling, which is also used on some of the walls in the living area and as flooring in the cooking area, recalls the visual geometries of the 1970s: a retro charm reinterpreted in a modern key. In the bathroom, the original bathtub has been replaced by a walk-in shower and the entire space has been painted in black and white.

The use of the same type of flooring, in natural oak planks, together with the curved line of the wardrobe, contributes to the fluidity and warmth of the space.

These radiators were used for this project

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